Recycle A Jar!

Recycle A Jar!

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Return 4 Jars For 15% Off Next Order!

♻️ Return & Reuse Program ♻️

Return Your Bamboo Glass Toothpaste Jar for Reuse!

1. Stash your glass. 

Save up 4 containers before sending them to us. This dramatically reduces the carbon footprint of the return and also lowers the shipping cost per jar.

 2. Clean, sanitize and dry your glass. 

  • Rinse any remaining toothpaste in your jar clean thoroughly with hot water and soap.
  • Sanitize by running through a dishwasher or by placing your container in lukewarm water and bringing to a gentle boil for 5 minutes. Do not drop your container directly into boiling water as it may crack due to thermal shock.
  • Dry your container completely.

3. Wrap it up!

Once clean, thoroughly wrap your containers so they stay protected during shipment.

We recommend reusing the shipping materials that were sent to you with your original order. If you don't have those packing materials, try to reuse materials from other companies. Shipping mailers (i.e. from Amazon), old bubble wrap, reused cardboard, and other packaging materials are all great options for reuse. 

If your glass breaks during shipment we will do our best to send it to recycling, but for safety reasons it may need to be discarded completely, so please wrap it up carefully. 


4. Send it our way. 

Ship to: 

6 Figure Smile

C/O Recycle Program

780 Reservoir Ave.


Cranston, RI, 02910

5. Select One Order Of Recycle A JAR

Select one order of recycle jar and well look out for your jars. Once returned we will send you your 15% of code for your next order.

Why Should You Recycle Your Jars

Sustainability! The Earth! This beautiful planet we call home!

  • It's a labor of love to ship your glass back to us, and we greatly appreciate all of our customers that do. It takes time and costs more to ship the jars back to us than it does to recycle them.

    On our end, it also takes more time and costs more to receive, clean, sanitize, refill, stock and ship a reused glass jar than it would to purchase a new one.

    However, creating a Reuse program was the most common customer service request we received, and is something we feel passionate about pursuing. It means that no new glass will be made and the Earth will ultimately benefit. As humans, business owners, and teachers of the next generation we're aiming to do everything we can even if it takes a little more time and a little extra cost.

    We have a few tips to help lower your return cost:

    - Save up your LSF glass and ship many jars at one time.

    - Keep the packaging you receive from your orders and reuse it when you're ready to ship back to us.

    - Use a USPS First Class (if less than 1 lb) or a Regional Rate A or B box to minimize the cost.

    As we gather feedback and streamline our process, we hope to create incentives and/or savings for participating.

    We appreciate you joining us to reduce the creation of virgin materials and help our Earth along the way.