Teeth whitening results are different for everyone. It could last several weeks for clients but would last a shorter period of time for clients who often drink tea, coffee, or smoke.
DRY! It is very important that your teeth are very dry when applying strips:
  1. Have guaze, napkin, or washcloth close by
  2. Dry upper teeth and place strip, then pinch strip so it stays snug and tight
  3. Go back and dry lower teeth because they are now most likely wet again
  4. Place lower strip and pinch tight
  5. Allow strip to sit for 20-30 minutes
Try to avoid licking teeth after placing strips, and swallow to avoid saliva from pooling in towards front of mouth
Yes! Users can watch the video from YouTube :

Use with caution if you:
1.Have generalized sensitivity, you can use sensitivity toothpaste for a day or two before using whitening products to help minimize sensitivity
2. Don't place products on recession areas
3. Go at your own pace, if you have sensitivity skip a day or two in your routine then pick back up when your comfortable

Don't use product if you:
1. Have open cavities on front teeth
2. Bleeding, sore, or inflamed gums
3. Don't apply on recession areas where you have root exposure
No, these products only whiten your teeth. It is recommended to keep up with your oral healthcare with a dental professional.
A small amount goes a long way.
You don't need any gel on your gums
Only paint a small amount on your teeth
Don't apply to you molars or to the inside lingual portion of your teeth.

Smile and only apply gel to the areas that you can see.

There are additional tubes of gel that you can use for touch ups in the future.