6 Fig Fellowship

Dental Clinic


 Here at 6 Figure Smile we believe that everyone is deserving of a beautiful smile. Around the world dental clinics and dentists remain in short supply especially in Haiti. Our dental professionals have worked with two programs in Haiti to help improve oral healthcare. We had the pleasure of running a dental clinic at a elementary school in Jacmel, Haiti. We also partnered with the YWCA to provide oral hygiene supplies to their girls. We believe in the importance of these fellowships and plan to grow the projects every year.




Dental professional completing examination and preventative fluoride treatment.


 Oral Hygiene Education

 Educating students on how to properly brush


 Oral Health Education Demonstrations

 Demonstrations on how to flossed teeth. Some students saw floss for the first time this day!


 Oral Hygiene Supplies

Oral hygiene supplies being passed out to participants of the YWCA, Haiti